Emer (emmmmer) wrote,


17:10 19.12.2018

Музыка будущего. Жалко, только в тексте:

"Droids Just Wanna Have Fun" : Retro Pop
Droids just wanna have fuh-un; oh oh oh; Droids just a-wanna have fuh-unnn.

"If I Had a Blaster..." : Religious
If I had a blaster, I'd blaster in the morning, I'd blaster in the e-e-ev-ning...

"Computer Generated Music #45592-2300-66A" : CompuGen
WoULD yoU Like to sING a SonG wItH me sUbJEcT To bLUe CashEWs?

"Six Planets to Twenty" : Rock
[Guitar solo] There'll be six [Guitar solo] PLANETS to TWENTY.
Yea, [Guitar solo] just six PLANETS [Guitar solo] to TWENTY!

"If I was a Hamburger, I'd Eat Myself" : Jazz
Give me a minute. I'm findin' some mu-stard. Give me a minute. I'm pumpin' some may-o.
It's just me... and this seeded bu-un! Just look at me now... Ham-bur-ger.

"The 4-Minute Quiet" : Nothing

"Logic Absorbtion" : Rock
[Screeching noise] [More Screeching noise] [Guitar solo] [Screeching noise]

"Sand by Me" : Pop
Sand by me; There's sand by me. Oh, darling, darling, look at it! There's sand, all a-round me.
Sand 'round me. Sand 'r-ound me. Sand 'round... me-e.

"CliffTunes" : Retro New-Wave
Ten years. Got some money. Lost my mind. Got more money. Found a life but
lost my rhythm. Never saw... A paper orangutang.

линк на оригинал записи

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